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These podcasts contain a wealth of information from our ican technical team of experts, discussing a range of options for growing and managing your clients’ wealth; helping you build solutions to meet your clients’ objectives.

Discounted Gift Trusts

In this podcast, Kim Jarvis, Technical Manager from the Canada Life ican Technical Services team, explains the structure and benefits of discounted gift trusts, including a reduction in IHT as well as providing a tax efficient income.

Raising IHT won't plug the post Covid tax gap

As the costs mount to pay for the pandemic, Canada Life's Neil Jones discusses whether there could be significant changes to inheritance tax to plug the gap. Listen to this podcast for Citywire Wealth Manager.

Order of taxation

Join Kim Jarvis from our ican Technical Services Team to review some case studies that highlight the order of taxation and how to make sure that all available allowances and used in the most tax-efficient way.

Trustee investments

Kim Jarvis, Technical Manager, explains how to assist trustees in their duties and responsibilities. Find out about the different types of trusts, understand what investments are suitable and know what the taxation is on the investments.

Calculating estate planning charges

Many trusts are subject to periodic charges (sometimes called ten year anniversary charges) and exit charges, and trustees are responsible for calculating any potential liability as well as reporting to HMRC and paying any tax due. They may look to their professional advisers for help and this podcast looks at how these charges apply to different estate planning solutions.

Cascading wealth through generations

Find out how clients can pass money on to younger generations in a way that mitigates their IHT.  Kim Jarvis explains the different types of gifts your clients can make and what exemptions and reliefs are available.

Inheritance tax – What’s an estate worth?

Calculating the value of an estate is clearly important when it comes to planning for inheritance tax and can be impacted by a variety of factors. That’s why our latest podcast looks at how to calculate the value of an estate, the various exemptions and reliefs available and, of course, some of the ways to mitigate IHT.

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Where to be in fixed income if interest rates rise?

Fixed income can play a decisive role in a defensive portfolio – but how? Our latest webinar reveals the fixed income sectors that are likely to do well if interest rates rise, and how advisers can benefit via their choice of corporate bond. We also look at the impacts of current market pressures (like Brexit and US-China trade issues), and how LF Canlife Managed 0%-35% Fund is positioned to deliver in uncertain times.

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Seven year recycling (Paraplanner)

When considering estate planning, it pays to remember that any gifts fall outside the IHT calculation after seven years. In effect, a client can recycle their nil rate band and over a longer period of time significant amounts of money can be moved out of an estate. In this podcast, Paul Thompson will look at the ability to recycle the nil rate band and the estate planning options.

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Chargeable gains – exit strategies

For professional paraplanners 

When it’s time to make an exit from a bond, it pays to look closely at the tax benefits both onshore and international bonds can offer. Join Neil Jones as he looks at exit strategies, and talks deferred tax, assignments and policy surrenders.

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Discounted Gift Trusts under the microscope

The structure, IHT benefits and income tax efficiencies of Discounted Gift Trusts are examined in this, one of our most popular podcast topics. Francesca Gandolfi is your guide, and will examine the advantages and disadvantages of DGTs for both clients and advisers, and how these can work with UK and international investment bonds.

Gift and loan Trust - Paraplanner podcast

Gift and loan trusts can provide a high level of access for a settlor coupled with a number of planning opportunities. In this podcast, Technical Manager Kim Jarvis will look at how a gift and loan trust works, including the underlying investment advantages, the potential opportunities it provides and some of the common pitfalls.

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Order of gifting

Where a client is entering into a series of estate planning steps, it is crucial to execute each element in the right order so that tax liabilities are kept to a minimum. Using case studies, Canada Life’s Neil Jones will illustrate the effect of doing it the wrong way compared to the right way.

What’s the right trust for reducing IHT?

Our podcast looks at how trusts can help mitigate, or maybe even completely remove, an inheritance tax liability. We examine the crucial trade-off between access and IHT efficiency that’s found in different types of trust, and compare the three main trust solutions – gift and loan, DGT and flexible reversionary trusts. Technical Manager Francesca Gandolfi is your guide in this podcast, and will reveal the starring role trusts can play in your client’s estate planning strategy.

Rising school fees: innovative, IHT-friendly solutions for your clients

With a new school year on the horizon, many clients will be wondering if there’s a smarter way to plan for the rising costs of school and university. Our podcast reveals some tax efficient solutions that, as part of a broader IHT plan, use innovative trust solutions to pay educational fees. Canada Life’s Market Development Manager Neil Jones is your guide in this podcast.

Preparing Your Drawdown Clients for Crashes and Corrections

We have already seen a significant stockmarket correction in 2018, but many experts believe that assets are still over-valued. That could mean an even more dramatic downturn, possibly within the next 12 months. Your retired clients in drawdown need their capital and income to be protected - whilst retaining the potential for long term growth.

Why choose a UK investment bond?

We put UK investment bonds through their paces in our latest podcast, looking at – among other things – the way tax is paid within a bond, and how to calculate chargeable gains on partial and segment surrenders. Hosted by Technical Manager Kim Jarvis, the podcast also covers top-slicing relief, how UK bond gains impact other income, and their advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of investments (like unit trusts and OEICs).

Using risk management to supercharge an investment strategy

With the market experiencing greater volatility in recent months, advisers and clients alike are looking more closely at risk, even seeing it as an opportunity to refine their investment strategy. There’s excellent news here – the options for managing fund-related risk are growing more sophisticated and more popular.

Getting the taxes right on trusts

Calculating the taxes on trusts is a minefield for the unwary. Our new podcast focuses on three key taxes – income tax, CGT and IHT – looking at the essential information that trustees and advisers need to know, including what tax charges might arise and who is liable, and ultimately helping advisers create the best financial strategy for their clients.

Discounted Gift Trusts - how to get the most from the trust

For professional paraplanners 

The structure, IHT benefits and income tax efficiencies of Discounted Gift Trusts come under the microscope in this, our most popular podcast topic to date. We look at the advantages and disadvantages for both clients and advisers and how these can work with capital redemption policies as well as both onshore and offshore investment bonds.

Unleashing the full investment potential of international bonds - an introduction to the Segregated Portfolio Service

While international bonds already have some exceptional tax-efficient benefits, HMRC regulations prevent them holding certain assets – but not always. With the help of carefully selected DFM partners, it’s possible to open these bonds up to a much broader range of assets, including direct equities and corporate bonds.

Nil rate bands and inheritance tax

Join in-house expert Kim Jarvis as she puts the NRB and RNRB tax bands under the microscope. In the process she reveals how transferring unused allowances to surviving spouses can reduce the amount of tax payable, and how using a discretionary will trust can maximise the benefits and minimise the restrictions around the new residence nil rate band (RNRB).

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