Data Protection

As part of a global organisation, Canada Life Group Insurance supports over 24,000 UK employers and we understand the importance of data protection in running a business.

Data Management

Canada Life is committed to managing our data in a responsible way and we take our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 seriously.

Canada Life is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). It is not necessary for the policyholder (an employer) to require a data processing agreement when providing employee data to us. This applies to all personal data held, whether it’s supplied by an individual or passed to us through our relationship with the employer.

Canada Life Group Insurance does not market directly to individuals. We will not use personal information either supplied by an employer or an individual, nor pass this data to other parts of our company for marketing directly to individuals.

All Canada Life employees are required to comply with the Data Protection Act.  Data Protection is incorporated into our documented procedures and training is provided to all staff.

Canada Life welcomes the enhancements which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought to data protection throughout Europe.

GDPR complements the values already embedded at Canada Life, which underpin the decisions we make in our business. Putting customers at the heart of our business is fundamental to these values and includes a commitment to protect the personal information of our potential and existing customers (employers), and their employees.

In 2018 GDPR led to changes in the insurance industry but, in practice, little changed for Group Insurance.  This is due to some key differences between Group Insurance and Individual Insurance, such as Home & Contents insurance.

Group Insurance products are policies taken out by an employer to provide cover for employees. This means that the employer is the policyholder. The Data Protection Act permits appropriate information about employees to be provided by an employer to an insurer without individual consent. This includes details of long-term absentees, current and previous claimants, and medical underwriting decisions. Data should be ‘adequate, relevant and not excessive’. It’s the responsibility of employers and their intermediaries to provide only the data requested by us.

The Act allows an individual to specifically withdraw their consent from their employer for this transfer of data.  But, if an individual withdraws consent, Canada Life will not be able to provide cover for them.

In certain situations, such as health claims or medical underwriting, where sensitive personal data must be gathered directly from an individual, Canada Life obtains consent from the employee to collect their medical evidence.

For more details, please see our Frequently Asked Questions about GDPR or our Data Protection Notice.

Canada Life has systems in place to ensure our employees only have access to information that is relevant to their role. All documents and data, either in paper or electronic format, that we produce or receive, are retained or disposed of securely in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory obligations

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