How to Make a Claim

Group Life Assurance – How to Make a Claim

Group Life Assurance

Our approach aims to ensure that claims are dealt with in a sensitive and timely manner. We will usually pay all claims within five working days of receipt of the claim form and all supporting evidence.

Claims made under the Master Trust will take longer as the independent Trustees need to review the deceased’s circumstances to decide who the benefit should be paid to.

To make a claim, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Contact us as soon as possible after a member’s death

2. Send relevant documents to: Life Claims Team, Canada Life Limited, 3 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6ER or send through to

 Lump Sum Life Assurance

  • Claim form fully completed and signed by scheme Trustees or other authorised signatories. Master Trust and Excepted Solution claim forms should be signed by an authorised signatory.
  • Proof of Death we’ll check the online register where possible. If we’re unable to do this, we’ll need to see the original death or coroner's certificates. Master Trust and Excepted Solution claim forms should be signed by an authorised signatory.
  • Family Information Form, Expression of Wish form and copies of the Will (where available) which are only required for claims made under the Master Trust or an Excepted Solution policy.
  • Proof of identity and insurance cover are only required for Master Trust and Excepted Solution cases and will be requested directly from the beneficiary by the Trustees.

Dependant’s Pension

  • Original marriage certificate for a spouse/civil partner (with English translation if required).
  • Original birth certificate for the spouse/civil partner and any other dependants who are to receive pension benefits.

3. Once we have received all our initial requirements, we will advise you within five working days:

  • of any further information we require to assess the validity of the claim, or
  • if we are unable to admit the claim and the reason(s) why, or
  • if we have all the information we require, after assessment, that we can admit the claim, or
  • if we have accepted the claim and requested that the Trustees of the Master Trust determine the beneficiary

Please note

  • We are unable to accept copy certificates in any cases, although may be able to locate proof of death using the online death register.
  • We will not process any claims where the completed claim form is not submitted within two years of the member's death.
  • Other evidence may be required if declared earnings do not match the amount being claimed.
  • The employee's immediate family may be able to access our Bereavement Counselling services.
  • Master Trust claims need to be processed by the Trustees. This will add to the process time.

Any questions?

Find everything you need in our How It Works section, or contact our Life Claims Team:

T: 0345 223 8000




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Any questions? Contact our Life Claims Team.

0345 223 8000

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