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18 Apr 2018
Paraplanner 2

Getting the order right: Gifting and IHT

Date: Wednesday 18 April | Time: 11:00am- 11:45am

For professional paraplanners

Using straightforward examples, our webinar reveals the right order in which to use loan trusts, exemptions, chargeable lifetime transfers and potentially exempt transfers.

28 Mar 2018

Retirement income modelling using international bonds

Date: Wednesday 28 March | Time: 11:00am - 11:45am

Our webinar looks at how, in these days of pension freedoms, an international investment bond can enhance the tax-free income available to a retiree. 

13 Mar 2018
There is more to Estate planning than IHT

There is more to estate planning than IHT

Date: Tuesday 13 March | Time: 11:00am - 11:45am

If your IHT strategy is only mitigating your clients’ tax bills, it’s not working hard enough. Our webinar reveals how you can not only hit your clients’ IHT targets but also top up their income, finance long-term care and even fund their retirement where allowances have already been reached. Join in-house expert Kim Jarvis as she shows you how your clients can retire in style without selling the family silver.

1 Mar 2018

Bull market or correction?

Date: Thursday 1 March | Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Canada Life’s Chief Investment Officer David Marchant looks at pressing issues – What’s driving the markets? Are we in danger of a correction? What’s the impact of future rate changes? – and their likely impacts on our leading Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) Fund.

20 Feb 2018
A&M trust

Bringing back the A&M Trust

Date: Tuesday 20 February | Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Passing money back to grandchildren inevitably raises a classic question – how do I keep control of the funds until the beneficiary is responsible enough to be trusted?

7 Feb 2018

Collectives and Bonds : picking the right wrapper

Date: Wednesday 7 February | Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Choosing the right tax wrapper can pay dividends when it comes to lump sum investments. Paul Thompson takes an in-depth view at the options, comparing the use of collectives, such as unit trusts and OEICs, with onshore and international investment bonds.

26 Jan 2018

Dealing with assets on first death

Date: Friday 26 January | Time: 11:00am- 11:45am

Join Cathy Russell as she looks at the various ways in which the family home and other assets can be held, explaining what should be done after the ‘first death’ including dealing with the residence nil rate band.

29 Nov 2017

Budget update and tax year planning

Date: Wednesday 29 November | Time: 10:00am- 10:45am

We delve into everything you need to know about the implications of the budget for our products and trusts. Our discussion will also look at all the changes in the new tax year for non doms, the lifetime allowance, rectifications, and the dividend allowance reduction.

16 Nov 2017

Using trusts for estate planning

Date: Thursday 16 November | Time: 11:00am - 11:45am

Neil Jones will look at how trusts can help mitigate or completely remove an inheritance tax liability and what should be the balance between access for the settlor and beneficiaries with IHT efficiency.

2 Nov 2017

DGT Webinar- how to get the most from the trust

Date: Thursday 2 November | Time: 3:00pm- 3:45pm

The structure, IHT benefits and income tax efficiencies of Discounted Gift Trusts come under the microscope in this, our most popular webinar topic to date. We look at the advantages and disadvantages for both clients and advisers and how these can work with capital redemption policies as well as both onshore and offshore investment bonds.

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