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At Canada Life we have decades of experience helping clients to pass their wealth securely from one generation to the next with our range of award winning solutions from the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland. So, if you want to help your clients pass their estate to their loved ones, mitigate the effects of IHT with unrivalled flexibility, and provide access to an extensive range of investment options, talk to your Canada Life Account Manager or call 0345 722 6232.


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Our 'Let's Talk Wealth' webinars have been created to help you solve new and classic challenges. These solutions are the cornerstone of our offering, helping clients mitigate the effects of IHT with unrivalled flexibility and giving them access to our wide range of funds and investment options. Watch the recordings of these webinars below and new webinars will be coming soon.

Dates Let's talk topics Actions
13/11/19  Order of gifting Watch the recording>
27/11/19  Common IHT Misconceptions Watch the recording>
11/12/19  Popular Trust Solutions Watch the recording>
15/01/20  Pensions and Estate Planning Watch the recording>
29/01/20  Cascading wealth through generations Watch the recording>
12/02/20  Trustee Investments Watch the recording>

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Effective IHT planning with flexible access


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Effective estate planning and flexible access

The Wealth Preservation Accounts (WPAs) help reduce your clients’ inheritance tax liability, whilst allowing them to receive periodic payments from the trust. The payments to your client are flexible and the trustees can pass money to the beneficiaries at any time. This provides an unrivalled combination of tax-efficiency and flexibility.

We all know that clients have different requirements so it is important to provide a choice of jurisdictions which offer the features that clients want and need.

The benefits of WPAs

The Wealth Preservation Accounts offer:

  • Inheritance tax mitigation
  • Optional yearly payments
  • Tax-efficient investment growth
  • The ability for the trustees to make discretionary payments to beneficiaries
  • Access to full open architecture investment

Who is it suitable for?

The WPAs will appeal to UK residents who have a potential inheritance tax liability and are willing to make a lump sum gift into a trust, whilst retaining access to payments from the trust and giving the trustees the ability to make payments to the chosen beneficiaries.


The Wealth Preservation Accounts are arrangements designed to save inheritance tax.

They allow a client to gift money into trust to reduce their potential inheritance tax liability but also allows them to receive payments on a predetermined date (if required) to supplement their income.

On inception, the policies in an account are immediately assigned into a bare trust and then into a discretionary settlement.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. 

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