Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) Fund


The Fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth and income through a diversified portfolio of UK income-generating assets; namely UK bonds, equities and direct property.

How the Fund is managed

The Fund Manager seeks to construct a diversified portfolio, allocating across a broad range of UK assets, exhibiting low volatility, which delivers reasonably steady growth and income over a cycle. This Fund is all about dampening down risk and fluctuations for investors, therefore we take no direct foreign exchange risk, only investing in sterling denominated assets.

At all times we seek a diversified portfolio including income-orientated equities and property as well as government and corporate bonds. We continually look to focus on assets providing a competitive yield and our fixed income allocation provides stability and income, with short duration bonds helping to cushion against any increase in interest rates.

Balancing performance and volatility

As the Fund invests in a blend of assets, it has demonstrated relatively low volatility; this is mainly due to the fact that fixed income securities and equities often move in opposite directions which can mean they cancel each other out and deliver lower levels of volatility.

Based on standard deviation figures, the 'Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) Fund' is lower risk than the average UK Gilt fund.

At the same time as seeking to manage volatility we also look to deliver growth and the chart and tables below shows how the Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) Fund volatility and performance compare favorably to the sector average.

31/12/2014 - 31/12/2019 | Data from FE 2020

  A Canlife Managed (0% - 35% Shares) LS5 in GB [23.18%]

  B ABI Mixed Investment (0% - 35% Shares) TR in GB [14.76%]

Cumulative Performance to last month end (31/12/2019)

1 year

3 years

5 years

Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) LS5




Discrete performance to last quarter end











Canlife Managed (0%-35% Shares) LS5






Asset allocation

Our focus on creating a diversified portfolio of income-generating assets, which provide a competitive yield, can be seen through our top-holdings:

Top Holdings (as at 31/12/19) %
Canlife UK Equity Income Fund 27.3%
Canlife Corporate Bond Fund 22.1%
Canlife Fixed Interest Fund 18.9%
Canlife UK Property Fund 18.7%
Canlife Short Duration Corporate Bond Fund 13.1%

Source: FE Analytics. Life series 5 fund, bid to bid, income re-invested.

Past performance is not a guide for the future and you may get back less than you invested.

Fund information

  • Launch date - 11 Sep 2013
  • Currency - Sterling
  • ABI Sector - Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares
  • ISIN Code - GB00BBMJ9T33
  • Sedol Code - BBMJ9T3

Fund Management Team

David Marchant
Chief Investment Officer, Canada Life Limited & Managing Director, Canada Life Asset Management Limited David Marchant
David took over as Chief Investment Officer, Canada Life Limited and Managing Director, Canada Life Asset Management Limited in July 2013. He oversees all investment functions including fixed income, equities, real estate, commercial mortgages as well as marketing and distribution.

Craig Rippe
Head of Multi-Asset
Craig joined Canada Life Investments in March 2004. He became Head of UK Equities in March 2010 and was most recently appointed Head of Multi-Asset in May 2018.

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