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Canada Life Technical Eye - Retirement Special

Technical Eye - Retirement Income Special Edition 2016

In this issue: Retirement Income Special Edition 2016


Transitional Pension Input Periods

Following the introduction of the pension freedoms the Chancellor’s July Budget also brought about further changes to the rules around Pension Input Periods (PIPs) and restrictions to the annual allowance for high earners. This article looks to explain the changes to PIPs for Defined Contribution pension schemes and how the default and alternative chargeable amounts operate.


Tapered annual allowance

This article continues to look at the implications of the changes to the annual allowance
from 6 April 2016 for those high earners who will find their ability to contribute to a
pension restricted.


Retirement income solutions (the blended approach)

With the new flexibilities introduced as a result of the pension freedoms, the dilemma still exists as to whether guarantees or flexibility should be the way forward. This article examines the possibilities to blend, mix and match products to create a truly blended solution providing both guarantees and flexibility.


Transferring from a Defined Benefit pension scheme to a Defined Contribution pension scheme

The new pension freedom rules offer members of Defined Contribution pension schemes greater flexibility, but the same cannot be said for members of Defined Benefit pension schemes who may look to transfer. This article looks at the rules and the key planning points that may affect the decision-making process.


Pension death benefits and legacy planning – Part 1

We revisit the changes to death benefits as a result of the pension freedoms, in terms of the tax treatment and the introduction of two new classes of beneficiary; the nominee and the successor.


Pension death benefits and legacy planning – Part 2

Should pensions now be used for inheritance tax planning? Are spousal bypass trusts still relevant? In this article we look at the various estate planning opportunities that exist involving pensions and look at the features and drawbacks of the beneficiary’s flexi-access drawdown and the spousal bypass trust.


Warning: The information in these articles was correct at the date of publication issue and may have changed since that date.


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