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How do pensions and property best fit into your clients’ retirement and estate planning?

New research from Canada Life looks at the effect pension freedoms have had on tax planning and inheritance, and what changes have been made to financial plans as a result.


  • Only 1 in 3 over 55s aware of favourable changes to tax treatment of pensions
  • But 90% of advisers say clients aware of changes and interested in using pensions as inheritance
  • Opportunity to promote value of advice in wake of inheritance tax receipts doubling

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Client report - Pensions & Inheritance - Are you and your family at risk of paying more tax than you need to?

Our client report is now available. We ask how much people with a pension, a property and other savings and investments could save if they shake up the way they manage their finances.

This report is the result of our research into how much knowledge of the tax changes there is and how willing people are to reconsider how they think they may fund retirement. It also explains the options available and how clients could get the best outcome from their hard-earned savings

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Drawdown Strategies Report - The right solution for your clients

Pension drawdown has become the new norm for the majority of retirees - it now outsells annuities by two to one. But have the solutions offered by providers kept pace with these market changes since pension freedoms?

In this new report we have used new, original research and financial modelling data to analyse five widely used methods of using pension drawdown.

Based on this research the report addresses the following questions for each of the five methods:

  • Will it provide the client with a reliable income?
  • Is the client’s money likely to last until they die?
  • Will the client’s income keep pace with inflation?
  • What are the chances of leaving a legacy?

The report also includes a unique look at decumulation strategies based on data modelling insights commissioned by specialists EValue.

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Retirement Sentiment Index - Surviving Market Volatility

The report reveals an alarming attitude shift in the over 50s concerning taking financial risk with their pension savings.

The report addresses questions such as:

  • Google vs Pension Wise vs professional advice - which is the new preferred source of information for retirement finance options?
  • Is flexibility within pension freedoms still appealing or is certainty of income and immediate access to cash the preference?
  • How many over 50s say they would have zero tolerance for any sort of loss incurred by their income drawdown investments?

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