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UK Pension Solutions

Lifetime Annuities & Scheme Pension

The Lifetime Annuity and Scheme Pension will provide a guaranteed income for the rest of your client’s life.

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Pension Investment Plan

The Pension Investment Plan (PIP) is a personal pension plan offering your clients the opportunity to consolidate existing uncrystallised pension plans.

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Trustee Investment Plan

The Trustee Investment Plan (TIP) is a pension investment policy intended for trustees of Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP), Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) and Occupational Pension Schemes (OPS).

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Investing for Retirement

Flexible Drawdown Plan

The Flexible Drawdown Plan (FDP) is a flexi-access drawdown plan that gives your clients access to their savings without unnecessary restrictions or additional charges.

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Fixed Term Income Plan

The Fixed Term Income Plan (FTIP) is a drawdown product that can provide your clients with guaranteed income, guaranteed growth, in the form of a Guaranteed Maturity Value (GMV) or a combination of both for a fixed term.

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Wealth Preservation Account

The Wealth Preservation Account is a trust-based solution offering investors the ability to take regular payments from the trust to supplement their income, whilst offering inheritance tax efficiency.

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Wealth Presevation Europe Account

The Wealth Preservation Europe Account is a trust-based solution offering investors the ability to take regular payments from the trust to supplement an income, whilst offering inheritance tax-efficiency.

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Offshore Savings Account

The use of an investment such as the Offshore Savings Account from Canada Life International allows the fund to grow in a similar tax-efficient way to pensions. With a suitable exit strategy the tax on exit can be minimised or reduced.

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