The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account is a pension and retirement solution designed specifically for its flexibility to adapt to a client’s evolving needs.

This simple, low cost Personal Pension Plan solution allows clients to consolidate funds, make regular or ad-hoc contributions, accumulate pension savings, manage tax and seamlessly move into drawdown. What’s more, they can access guaranteed income when the time is right.

It’s suitable whether clients are still working, close to or at retirement or if their focus is on estate and legacy planning.

With The Retirement Account you can:

  • mix and match investment solutions at no extra charge and easily integrate guaranteed income
  • reinvest guaranteed income within a tax-advantaged wrapper
  • choose different investment strategies for accumulation and decumulation

And all within the same low-cost, flexible wrapper.

The Retirement account applies a simple tiered charging structure across all investments, and flexible adviser fees including initial, ongoing and ad-hoc options. The cash account allows you to manage any adviser charge or fees agreed with your clients. Ongoing adviser fees can now be charged as a fixed monetary amount or as a percentage of the advised funds.

The Retirement Account overview

Pension consolidation
Consolidation allows clients to house their pensions conveniently under one roof, save on costs, and ensure their investments remain appropriate to their personal circumstances. Find out why The Retirement Account can be an ideal pension consolidation vehicle for your clients.

Pension savings and drawdown
The Retirement Account allows clients to accumulate funds whilst still working and decumulate their savings with flexibility. There’s a choice of multi-asset funds which invest in a mix of shares, bonds, cash, property and other financial investments providing exposure across the main asset classes.

Guaranteed income
When clients move into retirement, the Account allows them to combine a cash account with both drawdown and guaranteed income options. That means you can cater to those looking for both certainty and flexibility in income, while still delivering tax-efficiency and the potential for growth.

Funds overview
With our investment solutions there is no minimum investment in each fund range and there is no additional cost for moving between them or accessing investments from one or more of the ranges at the same time.

The Core range
Our Core range draws on the expertise of Canada Life Investments to offer a simple, cost-effective, governed set of risk-rated funds utilising both passive and active management styles. Suitable across the accumulation and decumulation phases of retirement with choices to help your clients whether they’re looking for income, growth or a combination of the two.

The Governed range
Our Governed range is made up of a broad selection single asset/strategy and multi-asset funds provided by leading asset managers across the market. The range has been constructed using a robust governance framework, with investment expertise provided by external specialists Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research. Ongoing governance and monitoring are provided by Square Mile and Canada Life’s Investment Oversight Committee.

Protected funds
Stock markets can be volatile which can be damaging for those seeking to take income during their retirement, especially when negative performance happens during the early years. The Retirement Account offers protected funds that are designed to cushion against major falls enabling investors to be more confident in managing retirement income.

Core fund factsheets

Governed fund factsheets

Daily unit prices

  • Create, store and easily find quotes and illustrations
  • Track the status of select complete and incomplete quotes, applications in progress and active accounts online
  • Create multiple quotes to illustrate different scenarios to your clients without re-inputting their data
  • Recall previous quotes and obtain updated rates


For a short period, some new product features will not be available or be fully displayed for quotes, applications or policies online via The Retirement Account Dashboard. Any quotes benefiting from these features will not appear on the online dashboard.

If you wish to take advantage of any of these new features, please call our customer services team on 0800 032 7689.

  • Facility to make pension contributions
  • Periodically crystallising pension funds
  • Ongoing adviser fees charged as a fixed monetary amount
  • The option at quote stage to set funds to auto-rebalance (automatically adjusting a portfolio back to its target asset allocation)

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