Governed Fund Range

Our Governed range is made up of single asset/strategy and multi-asset funds. These are provided by leading asset managers across the market plus a range of single strategy tracker funds managed by Vanguard. The range has been constructed using a robust framework, with investment expertise provided by external specialists Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research. 

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Fund name ISIN OCF
Canlife Allianz Gilt Yield GB00BF77W579 0.32%
Canlife Artemis European Opportunities GB00BF77W686 0.87%
Canlife Artemis Global Income GB00BF77W793 0.80%
Canlife Artemis Strategic Bond Quarterly GB00BF77W801 0.57%
Canlife Artemis US Select GB00BF77W918 0.84%
Canlife AXA Distribution GB00BZ0RQF24 0.86%  
Canlife AXA Framlington Managed Balanced GB00BZ0RQG31 0.80%
Canlife AXA Framlington UK Mid Cap GB00BF77WC47 0.84%
Canlife AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond  GB00BF77WD53 0.41%
Canlife BlackRock Gold & General GB00BF77WL38 1.17%
Canlife BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond GB00BF77Y732 0.67%
Canlife BNY Mellon Global Income GB00BF77Y849 0.79%
Canlife BNY Mellon Real Return GB00BF77Y955  0.80%
Canlife Fidelity Asia Fund  GB00BF77WX59 0.94%
Canlife Fidelity Emerging Markets GB00BF77WY66 0.96%
Canlife Fidelity Special Situations GB00BF77WZ73 0.92%
Canlife First State Asia Focus GB00BF77X098 1.04%
Canlife First State Global Listed Infrastructure GB00BF77X106 0.80%
Canlife First State Greater China Growth GB00BF77X213 1.08%
Canlife Invesco Asian GB00BF77X437 0.95%
Canlife Invesco Corporate Bond GB00BF77X544 0.66%
Canlife Invesco Distribution GB00BZ0RQL83 0.92%
Canlife Invesco Global Financial Capital GB00BF77X650 0.77%
Canlife Invesco Tactical Bond GB00BF77X874 0.75%
Canlife Investec UK Alpha  GB00BF77X981 0.83%
Canlife Janus Henderson Global Equity Income GB00BZ0RQJ61 0.95%
Canlife Janus Henderson Strategic Bond GB00BF77XB05 0.69%
Canlife Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF GB00BF77XC12 0.84%
Canlife Jupiter Absolute Return  GB00BF77XH66 0.84%
Canlife Jupiter Asian Income GB00BF77XJ80 0.98%
Canlife Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio  GB00BZ0RQN08 1.72%
Canlife Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio  GB00BZ0RQP22 1.84%
Canlife Jupiter UK Special Situations GB00BF77XL03 0.76%
Canlife Lazard Emerging Markets GB00BF77XQ57 1.08%
Canlife Liontrust European Growth GB00BF77XW18 0.93%
Canlife Liontrust Special Situations GB00BF77XX25 0.87%
Canlife Liontrust UK Smaller Companies GB00BF77XY32 1.40%
Canlife Man GLG Japan Core Alpha  GB00BF77Y286 0.90%
Canlife Merian North American Equity GB00BF77Y401 0.95%
Canlife Merian UK Mid Cap GB00BF77Y518 0.85%
Canlife Merian UK Smaller Companies GB00BF77Y625  1.03%
Canlife Premier Multi-Asset Growth & Income GB00BF77YB79 1.56%
Canlife SLI Global Smaller Companies  GB00BF77YH32 1.05%
Canlife SLI MyFolio Managed I GB00BF77YM84 0.74%
Canlife SLI MyFolio Managed II GB00BF77YJ55 0.79%
Canlife SLI MyFolio Managed III GB00BF77YK60 0.83%
Canlife SLI MyFolio Managed IV GB00BF77YL77 0.87%
Canlife SLI MyFolio Managed V  GB00BF77YN91 0.87%
Canlife Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent GB00BF77YW82 1.16%
Canlife Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability GB00BF77YX99 0.99%
Canlife Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return GB00BF2F2G78 1.04%
Canlife Threadneedle High Yield Bond GB00BF77YY07 0.73%
Canlife Threadneedle Managed Equity GB00BZ0RQR46 1.15%
Canlife Threadneedle UK Equity Income GB00BF77YZ14 0.83%
Canlife Threadneedle UK  GB00BF77Z036  0.83%
Canlife Unicorn UK Income GB00BF77Z366 0.80%


Fund range and investment proposition Investment fund summary
Fund range and investment proposition Retirement Account Governed Range - fund information Retirement Account Investment fund summary


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