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The Retirement Account

The Retirement Account is a unique low cost drawdown solution designed to provide clients with a combination of flexibility, security of income and capital, and growth:

  • A unique drawdown solution in a single tax-advantaged wrapper:
    • Governed fund range
    • Protected Index Portfolio fund, with capital protection at 80% and built in volatility control
    • Guaranteed income available via an annuity within the drawdown wrapper - either at outset or a later date
  • Start, stop or tax-efficiently reinvest guaranteed and non-guaranteed income at any time
  • An ideal home for defined benefit pension transfers
  • Suitable for retiring clients and existing drawdown clients
  • The option to transfer uncrystallised funds – allowing the phased withdrawal of tax-free cash
  • Flexible initial and ongoing fee structures available

The Retirement Account overview

The Retirement Account combines Pension Drawdown, Guaranteed Annuity, and a Cash Account, all held within a single tax-advantaged wrapper written under Drawdown rules. 


Guaranteed Annuity

The Retirement Account offers a diverse range of funds conveniently graded by risk, so you can build a portfolio to suit most retirees with ease. The range includes active, passive and protected options, including a set of risk-targeted funds which consistently track your chosen Dynamic Planner (DT) rating. 


Daily Unit Prices 

Protected Funds 

  • Create, store and easily find quotes and illustrations
  • Track the status of all your complete and incomplete quotes, applications in progress and active accounts online
  • Create multiple quotes to illustrate different scenarios to your clients without re-inputting their data
  • Recall previous quotes and obtain updated rates
  • Adjust the split between Guaranteed Annuity, Pensions Savings and Pension Drawdown

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