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Investing through an Isle of Man provider can offer UK investors significant tax advantages. Combining these with an investment bond offering a comprehensive range of investment options can be a very attractive solution for the right clients.

The award-winning Premiere Account from Canada Life International offers all the benefits you would expect from a leading investment bond provider and has developed over time to meet the changing needs of clients and advisers.

The Account is available on a life assurance basis, linking the bond to the death of the last surviving life assured, or on a capital redemption basis with a fixed term of 99-years, removing the need to select lives assured.

Your clients have access to regular withdrawals and ad hoc payments, either through partial surrender or segment surrender. They also have a choice of currencies which can be attractive to investors who do not want to link their investment to Sterling.

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  • The tax efficient growth of an investment based on the Isle of Man means that for a UK resident any growth achieved in the Account is not subject to UK tax, although it may apply when any profit is brought back into the UK.

  • Available as a life assurance bond that will end on the death of the last surviving life assured or as a capital redemption bond with a 99-year term.

  • The Account can be denominated in one of a choice of currencies; Sterling, US dollars and euro.

  • There is a choice of charging options offering flexibility for different clients.

  • The Account can be issued as a series of up to 99,999 individual policies allowing tax efficiency when withdrawing money.

  • For trustees, it can offer an easy method of investing.

  • The ability to use multiple investment solutions at any time, allowing investors to mix and match between funds, cash deposits, discretionary managers and investment platforms.

  • Investors can appoint fund advisers on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, with fees being paid outside of the 5% tax deferred allowance.

  • Assigned segments can be independently managed with different investment profiles for each recipient.

The Account is true open architecture – this means that almost any collective fund from around the world can be used, as can cash deposits and any of the 40 or so investment platforms or 150+ discretionary managers that we already have agreements in place with. The list of platforms and discretionary managers is always evolving and being added to .

It is possible to use multiple funds, platforms and discretionary managers and the investments can be changed at any time.

The Premiere Account will appeal to UK resident investors with at least £50,000 to invest who are looking for the tax efficiency of an international investment with a range of investment options.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise.


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