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This area of the website is intended for financial intermediaries interested in investing in multi-asset fund solutions


Our key Advisory products


LF Canlife Diversified Monthly Income Fund

A diversified portfolio of income-generating assets, including global company shares, international government and corporate bonds, as well as property.


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LF Canlife Portfolio III Fund

A diversified fund of funds investing mainly in fixed income securities and cash but also includes equities and UK commercial property.


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LF Canlife Portfolio VII Fund

A diversified fund of funds investing predominantly in equities, with a substantial proportion of this invested overseas. It also includes an allocation to UK corporate bonds and UK commercial property.


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Multi-Asset capabilities 


Latest features & articles

Fresh approaches Asset Management 432X216

Fresh approaches to income drawdown

To mark the fourth anniversary of pension freedoms on April 6th, we consider how investing at income drawdown is evolving today given Brexit and other growing uncertainties affecting the markets.

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Looking Further Afield

Looking further afield for secure sources of income

These are tough times for investors who rely on regular investment income to help pay the bills. With gilt yields at unusually low levels and UK dividends being slashed, many investors will see a significant drop in how much they receive from their investments.

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Roundtable Asset Management 432X216

Fund managers' roundtable on Covid-19

Our Fund Managers share their latest views on how covid-19 is affecting investments across all assets, and what that means in terms of opportunities and positions

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Other investment capabilities

Fixed Income

Steady returns and income over the long term

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Investing in the shares of global companies

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Diversify through UK commercial property assets

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