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What’s on your client’s retirement bucket list?

The Retirement Account

We’ve provided a range of tools below to help you help your clients realise their retirement dreams. Watch our latest CPD qualifying webinar, read useful case studies offering practical solutions for different client scenarios, and our Defaqto report on pension consolidation.

Practical solutions for different client scenarios

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From bucket list to set list

What if your client wants to tour the world? Find out how Bill benefitted from a simple, flexible and reliable income.

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Shopping List

From bucket list to shopping list

What if your client wants to prepare for the rising cost of living? Read how Elizabeth rose up against inflation.

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You can't predict the future and now you don't have to

Take a simple step to future-proof your retirement business

Whether your client is working, close to retirement or already retired. The Retirement Account is a simple, low-cost way of bringing their pension pots together. When they enter retirement, they can choose to take a guaranteed income, pension drawdown or a combination of both.

Plan for the future

  • Consolidate funds before or at retirement without having to move them again in the future, even if the traditional advice is to annuitise.
  • Access over 2,000 funds, including market-leading multi-asset solutions.
  • Adapt your clients’ investment and income strategy to their changing lifestyle and tax situation without incurring needless charges.
  • Give them with a tax-efficient guaranteed income with flexibility and control over death benefits, when needed.
  • Provide impaired terms if they have or develop a health condition.
  • Phase in an annuity over time.
  • No need to instigate a product transfer or new fund charges if your client's circumstances change.
  • You can show your clients how a guarantee income could work, without forcing them into an irreversible decision.

  • Plan and maintain a regular income stream, even when the most traditional advice is ‘annuity’.
  • Build and maintain your assets under management.
  • Canada Life’s parentage, strength and stability mean that you can rely on us throughout your client’s retirement.
  • Keep clients invested while also having the ability to introduce a level of guaranteed income within the pension wrapper.
  • Be able to switch that guaranteed income on and off if required.
  • Easily blend different investment strategies to minimise sequencing risk in poor market conditions.

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*For Professional Adviser use only. Persons portrayed in the scenarios are not based on real people and are for illustrative purposes only and may not cover all considerations relating to your clients. This should not be treated as advice and independent taxation and or legal advice should be sought