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Equity Release Exam Workshop

Supporting advisers in achieving a qualification in equity release

Join us for our Equity Release Exam workshop

Our workshops have been specifically designed for mortgage advisers looking to add the equity release qualification to their toolkit. We’ve teamed up with Fortica Ltd. to help you prepare for either the Certificate in Equity Release (CII) or the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (CeRER) (LIBF) qualification.

The workshops are free of charge to attend, and consist of a standalone one-day virtual workshop and three distance learning modules. Together, these will help to break down and review the syllabus, supporting you in achieving the qualification.


What you will learn

  • An introduction to equity release
  • Regulation
  • State benefits and taxation
  • Advice, applications and administration
  • Exam technique
  • How to apply your knowledge in the real world

Event details


Online Workshop


13 July 2021


09:30 am


Microsoft Teams


Important information

The workshops are made up of:

  • Three distance-learning modules to read before you attend the online workshop
  • One online workshop hosted by Canada Life and Fortica Ltd

The workshops are designed to be interactive, so delegates will be asked to keep their cameras turned on during the session.

The exam is not included in the workshop and delegates are responsible for any fees associated with the exam.

Canada Life do not take any responsibility for advice given following attendance of these workshops.


About Jon Dunckley

Jon Dunckley is a consultant, author and trainer, and the managing director of training and consultancy firm Fortica Ltd. He’s used to providing both face to face training for teams as well as e-learning and has a wealth of experience in writing and editing technical material. He’s also passionate about financial services education.

Over the three modules of this course, we’ll guide you through the key knowledge that you’ll require to pass the exam and achieve the necessary qualification to advise customers in this rapidly growing market