We have rebranded Retirement Advantage products as Canada Life. Welcome to our new Home Finance section.

Home Finance

Discover our Home Finance options

Our award-winning and innovative home finance options allow you to release equity from your property, tax-free. You receive a cash lump sum that is yours to do whatever you like with, and you can choose whether you would like to make payments or simply let the interest roll up. We've designed these products with your needs in mind, in fact, they can be secured on your main residence, second home or Buy-to-Let property.

Our Home Finance Options allow you to release cash from your property while still being able to live in your home. You can choose whether you would like to make payments, or let the interest roll up. Releasing equity from your property is a big decision. So to make sure you make the right choices that are right for you, we only sell our mortgages through financial advisers. You can find an adviser here

Lifetime Mortgages

Lifestyle Options

Interest roll-up lifetime mortgages

These Options give you a cash lump sum, without any repayments.

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Interest Select Options

Interest paying lifetime mortgages

Pay up to 100% of the interest each month, stop or reduce the impact of interest roll-up.

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Capital Select Options

Repayment lifetime mortgages

Customers can pay up to 10% of the initial loan amount each year, with no early repayment charge.

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Second Home Options

Second Home lifetime mortgages

These options allow you to make payments or allow the interest roll-up on your Second Home.

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Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Over 55 Buy-to-Let Lifestyle

Buy-to-Let mortgages

If you’re a later life landlord you can release cash from your Buy-to-Let property, and leave your portfolio intact.

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Over 55 Buy-to-Let Voluntary Select

Buy-to-Let mortgages

A voluntary repayment mortgage for your Buy-to-Let property.

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How much money could you release?


Find out how much equity you could release from your property with our easy to use calculator.


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