Portfolio Funds

In response to the need for investment solutions that are designed to meet customers’ objectives, and offer some flexibility in continuing to do so as their circumstances change, we created the Portfolio fund range.

Our Portfolio Funds are risk-targeted, globally diversified funds-of-funds that can serve as a core holding. If needed, the funds are rebalanced daily to ensure they continue to meet the long-term needs of the majority of investors and provide ongoing suitability.


Each of the five Portfolio Funds invests in a diversified blend of geographies and investment types, with the aim of matching specific risk and reward requirements. This is achieved by investing primarily in our range of actively managed in-house funds in order to tap the expertise of our experienced equity, fixed income and property managers, as well as keep costs under control. With more than six years of proven capability in risk-targeted fund management, our Portfolio Funds are a tried and tested investment solution.

Please note that past performance is not a guide for the future. The value of units can fall as well as rise and currency fluctuations may also affect performance.

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