Matt Dawson Rugby Union Legend

Your goal is in sight

Matt Dawson - Rugby Union Legend

The vast majority of us are working towards achieving our goals and aspirations and I am no exception. As a sportsman I built a career as part of teams constantly striving to win the next match, tournament or final! And personally working towards goals and challenges such as the rugby World Cup in 2003, Celebrity Masterchef and Strictly have played a huge part in my life and who I am today.

From this experience I know that having goals to work towards, whether they are personal, professional or financial, can be extremely motivating. The focus that goals bring keeps us on track and boosts us when difficulties and obstacles get in the way.

What has encouraged me most from the conversations I’ve had with Canada Life and what their research shows, is that so many of us believe we have the power to achieve our own goals. Harnessing this power to help us achieve what we want from our lives is all part of the fun of creating the change and progress we all want to see.

"The focus that goals bring keeps us on track and boosts us when difficulties and obstacles get in the way."

Matt Dawson Rugby Union Legend

However, it is only human nature to sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenge. Life throws us all some pretty heroic curveballs and nobody has been left untouched by the past few years. To me, it is inspiring to be part of a community where we all pull together towards a common goal. The sports teams I have been a part of have had this strength too. There are always people around us who can help us to achieve our goals and we can all help others too.

One of my influential coaches was Wayne Smith (World Cup winning All Blacks coach), he instilled a week to week approach to how I could improve and develop to be ready for the World Cup in 2003.  Setting goals and challenges every week, reassessing regularly how I was performing as well as understanding the “what ifs”.

Knowing the consequences of my actions good or bad and how I can learn from them was crucial for when I needed to make big decisions for the future.

To everyone out there, whether you’re taking your first step, leap or jump to achieving your goal - I applaud and encourage you in every step that you are taking. Achieving goals isn't just a one-day task. It can take weeks, months or even years. Small changes soon deliver huge gains and significant change - this is what we should all aspire to when it comes to achieving the goals we hold close to our hearts.

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