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Nine reasons to use BusinessCare

Epoq's latest customer satisfaction survey results are in, and once again, show how much value policyholders attach to BusinessCare. Customers said:


1. “A good service it encourages me to renew my policy.”

2. “Great add on service to my insurance.”

3. “It really is a fantastic benefit of being a [insurer] customer. Thank you kindly.”

4. “I have continued to renew [insurer] for a number of years due to the services available from the Legal Documents section.”

5. “Fantastic service, will definitely stay with [insurer] because of this service.”

6. “A phenomenal service as part of an essential insurance product.”

7. “I thought it was the best thing about the policy – added bonus it was free.”

8. “Very nice additional free service which saves the customer money and time.”

9. “Very helpful and the fact it’s included in the price of your insurance is great. Thank you.”


This research has been taken from Epoq's 2018 customer satisfaction survey.


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