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Changes to our forms

New editable forms to help your clients remotely

We’re keeping this page up-to-date with a list of editable forms available on our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch using the contact details below.

The editable forms below will enable you to complete selected fields and save any content that you have added within the pdf.

Application forms

Select Account - Top up application form

Premiere Europe Account/Premiere Europe Discounted Trust Account Personal Investment Application*
Premiere Account/Premiere Europe Account Personal Application (including Personal Trustees)*
Premiere & Premiere Europe Account Personal Application
Corporate Premiere and Premiere Europe Account Application
Corporate and Trustee Institutional Investment Application

The Retirement Account Standard Application
The Retirement Account Application Form for purchase of Guaranteed Annuity with Pension Drawdown funds

Lifetime Annuity Open Market Option Application
Scheme Pension and Enhanced Scheme Pension Open Market Option Application

Identity & Verification forms

The Retirement Account Confirmation of verification of identity
Smoker Verification Form
Email verification or a policyholder (UK)
Marriage /Civil Partnership Certificate Verification Form (UK)
Birth Certificate Verification Form (UK)

Surrender/withdrawal form

Surrender/withdrawal form

Maturity/Deferment form

Wealth/Estate Preservation Account & Wealth Preservation Europe Account Maturity/Deferment Request

Direct Debit mandate & Change of bank details

Instruction to pay your bank or building society by Direct Debit
Instruction to pay your bank or building society by Direct Debit*
Change of bank details

Switch forms

Fund switch and phased investment authority
Investment Bond Fund Switch Authority (UK)
Fund switch and redirection form (UK)

The Retirement Account – fund switch request form


Transfer to Immediate annuity questionnaire (UK)

Trust forms

Discretionary Gift Trust
Wealth Preservation Trust - Initial Trust and Settlement Deed
Discounted Gift trust planning application
Wealth Preservation Account & Wealth Preservation Europe Account Application


The Retirement Account Expression of wish form
Change of address/contact details (UK)

* Canada Life International 

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