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Combining retirement and estate planning

The CanInvest Select Account is all about giving you an investment that can adapt to your changing needs and goals.

Whether it’s a comprehensive range of funds to invest in, the ability to select how you can take money out of the investment in a tax-efficient way, or flexibility on how you pay your adviser, we’ve put you in control.

As a market leading provider of onshore bonds, Canada Life offers you the security you need from an investment partner. The CanInvest Select Account allows you access to income and capital without incurring any penalties, within a competitive and transparent charging structure.

The Account is a tax efficient solution for some investors because tax is accounted for in the investment and this is treated as being equal to basic rate income tax even though, in general, the rate of tax is lower.

  • The Account offers a simple, transparent charging structure.
  • It is set-up as a series of identical policies, providing flexibility when you want to take money from the investment.
  • The underlying fund selection can be changed, without charge, at any time.
  • A comprehensive phased investment facility is available allowing money to be moved between different investment funds over a required period of time.
  • In addition to withdrawals being available every month, quarter, half-yearly or yearly they are also available on a termly basis to help with school fees planning.
  • As a life assurance policy, the individual policies can be gifted to other people without a tax charge.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you should speak to a professional adviser to ensure that any investment is suitable for you.

The Select Account allows you and your adviser to tailor an investment to your objectives, both now and in the future. Our investment solution has been achieved through our rigorous fund selection and governance process; drilling down through thousands of funds that are available today – refining the options into a high quality range, allowing you and your adviser to select suitable investments.

The CanInvest Select Account offers a simple and straightforward, tax-efficient investment solution for those looking to invest a lump sum who may have already funded ISAs to the annual maximum.

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"After speaking with her professional adviser Melina decides to invest the £200,000 into the CanInvest Select Account from Canada Life."
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