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Estate planning opportunities unlocked

Practical steps to help get your client’s ‘IHT house’ in order

About the webinar

Date: Wednesday 9 December 2020 (a recording of this webinar is available below)

Time: 11.00 - 11.30am

CPD 30 mins (structured)


In this webinar Patrick Kennedy, one of Canada Life’s Tax & Estate Planning Consultants, uncovers where we are now with estate planning. He will consider the potential key drivers for change and suggest why there is the possibility this might be further out than some might realise. He will explore the need to prepare for change by discussing an array of practical steps to help get your client’s ‘IHT house’ in order, which will flow into a succinct checklist of opportunities, supported by a call to action!


About the presenter

Patrick Kennedy, from the Canada Life ican Technical Services team, has over 25 years’ experience in both professional adviser and provider marketplaces. He uses his expert knowledge to solve inheritance tax case scenarios and relays technical information to advisers in a simplistic way. Patrick is a Chartered Financial Planner and founding member of Canada Life’s Tax and Estate Planning team.



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