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WeCare – Engage your clients

WeCare provides 24/7 access to UK-based GPs, mental health support and much more for all our CLASS customers

About the webinar

A recent report highlighted the increased need for wellbeing services with mental health support, an online GP and access to an Employee Assistance Programme being the three most valued services that deliver the most return on investment.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the 24/7 online GP works including prescription delivery
  • How employees can prevent burnout with up to 10 mental health sessions
  • How the tailored Get Fit Programme helps employees get in shape
  • How to sign up your clients and support their employees

Build your consultancy and learn:

  • Simple strategies to engage clients more effectively
  • Why WeCare is an opportunity to add value
  • How to communicate the benefits of WeCare with clarity


About the speakers

Dave Marcus

European client engagement director at WeCare

Dave brings over 25 years working in the healthcare sector and a wealth of experience from working at Bupa, Best Doctors and the last seven years at Teladoc. He will share his personal experience of using the service and bring to life the real impact of WeCare.

Dan Crook

Sales Director at Canada Life

With over 20 years’ experience working in Group and Protection, Dan has extensive knowledge of the challenges facing advisers and shares his tips and strategies to engage clients and grow your consultancy.



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