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Returning to the workplace

With pandemic restrictions being lifted across the UK, many businesses are moving closer towards reopening their workplaces

Whether it’s health and safety measures, managing concerns or protecting employee wellbeing - planning a return to the workplace can be a challenge, even for experienced HR teams. We’ve prepared a range of useful resources to support our customers and their employees through this process.

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Our helpful toolkit makes it easy for advisers to share our latest resources with their clients. It only takes a few minutes to share - just download the toolkit email template, enter your client’s details and send the email.

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Talk to our team about WeCare

WeCare provides an extensive range of virtual services that support medical, mental, legal and financial wellbeing. Everything is available through a simple employee app, providing easy access to 24/7 GP consultations, mental health support, get fit programmes and more.

All Canada Life Group Income Protection and CLASS customers have access to WeCare, which can play a vital role in safeguarding employee health and wellbeing during a return to the workplace.

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Returning to the office to improve mental health

Our latest research found that more than half of those returning to the office are looking forward to it. Younger employees expect the return to improve their mental health, putting pressure on employers to get the right support in place.

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Our latest research

Long Covid

93% of long-covid sufferers receive support from employer

Survey shows 65% of Covid-19 sufferers go on to experience ‘long-covid’ symptoms

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Return To Office Mental Health

Workers set sights on return to the office to improve mental health

More than half of full time workers who will return to the office are looking forward to it, according to our research

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FOTO: Fear of the Office emerges

More than a year after the first Covid-19 lockdown, a new trend, Fear Of The Office, is emerging

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