Welcome to your CPD HumanSense training

eLearning based on behavioural psychology to help soft skills and build stronger relationships with clients

We’ve partnered with leading experts in behavioural psychology, We are IB, to create a CPD e Learning that will help you have more meaningful conversations with your clients. By developing these important soft skills, and building trust and empathy, it should help create better outcomes.

Exploring HumanSense

Considering Consumer Duty, it’s important now more than ever to create a safe space for clients to talk openly about their financial planning. That’s why we’ve created training modules based on research interviews to help you understand your client’s behavioural biases and engage in deeper conversations.

There are a total of six training modules covering a range of topics, such as Understanding client behaviour, Creating emotional resonance and Visualising your future self. After each assessment you complete, you’ll be awarded 60 minutes of CPD and will receive a certificate.

Getting Started

Although you can complete the modules in any order, we recommend starting with Understanding client behaviour which gives you an introduction to the key behavioural mechanisms at play. From there, you can select any of the five modules to complete in any order.

Understanding client behaviour

This module introduces you to Human Sense. This eLearning demonstrates how Consumer Duty ties in and explains the behavioural biases and motivational traits that impact decision making.

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Creating emotional resonance

Learn about the three elements of trust and how building emotional empathy can support deeper conversations with clients.

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Visualising your future self

What prevents clients visualising their future selves? Learn how to support customers making decisions for their financial future.

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Unlocking unhelpful anchors

Unhelpful anchors can act as barriers to clients whilst making decisions. This eLearning demonstrates how you can help them make more informed choices.

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Simplifying the complex

How you present information can impact a customer’s level of understanding. Simplifying the complex will help you support customers in vulnerable circumstances as well as how to create clarity.

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Structuring choice

This training covers the psychology choice and decision making and how you can help clients understand the reality of risk.

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