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Find out how the Rysaffe Planning Principle can work, along with other key considerations for tax, gifts and trust ordering.

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TRS: You may be more ‘Relevant’ than you think

We look into the new regulations coming in on the 1 April 2023 regarding the Trust Registration Service.

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Making the most of tax efficient investments

We look at the main options we can use to build a holistic financial plan for your clients.

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Turning changing tax allowances into opportunities

We explore the potential challenges your clients could be facing and how these could become opportunities. 

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The Treasury's raid on middle earners

The changes to dividend and capital gains taxation announced in the 2022 Autumn Statement will affect many clients in the coming tax years.

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End of tax year financial planning opportunities

We discuss some of the changes in taxation legislation for end of year financial planning for 2023/24, identify financial planning opportunities and find key ways to add value to your client relationships and help them meet their lifetime goals.

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Any way you (Top) Slice it

Further changes to calculations: these changes will affect how we look at calculating top slice relief for our clients. It is important to remember that performing top slice calculations are classified as regulated tax advice; so it’d be advisable to get the calculations checked by a regulated tax adviser to ensure accuracy before completing the returns to HMRC.

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An in depth look at trusts and role of a trustee

We explain what a trust is and why clients would use them, comprehend an overview of the common types of trusts and their uses, examine the features and benefits of bonds and why they could be suitable trust assets, describe the duties and responsibilities Trustees have and appreciate the benefits of using a professional trustee

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Requirements for the Trust Registration Service

Engage with the changes of TRS that have been effective since April 2023, what trusts are in scope/which ones are excluded, how the amended regulations affect you as an adviser, discrepancy reporting and the penalties regime and the interaction between registers in different EEA member states.

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Meet the ican team

Your ican Technical Services team are all industry-recognised experts specialising in trusts, estate planning, retirement planning and tax. Every individual in the team understands that you have specific needs and we aim to deliver the right technical information, in the right way, at the right time.


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