Virtual GP app significantly reduced staff absences in 2022

  • Data from Canada Life’s WeCare support services showed a 27% increase in the number of registrations in 2022
  • Over half (54%) of users of the app were able to avoid taking time off work due to their virtual WeCare consultation
  • Mental health support was one of the most accessed services in 2022


At a time of increased pressures on the NHS and long waiting times for GP appointments, demand for virtual services was up by more than a quarter (27%) in 2022, according to Canada Life’s WeCare1 data.


WeCare2 offers an extensive range of virtual services including GP consultations, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Best Doctors (Second Medical Opinion) plus Legal and Financial support. Employers offering WeCare saw a reduction in absences through illness in 2022.


A survey of 2,100 patients post consultation revealed that more than half (54%) confirmed they were able to avoid taking time off work due to the consultation, and a further 27% experienced a swifter return to the workplace than initially expected. 


When asked what they would have done without access to the service, over a fifth (22%) admitted they would have waited for their condition to worsen.


Some of the key trends for WeCare in 2022 were:


Improving access to mental health support:

  • In 2022, mental health support was one of the most accessed services, accounting for around one in four (27%) managed cases. Among these cases, 59% were women and 41% were men.
  • The intervention of WeCare support resulted in significant improvements in most cases, with 19% of all cases no longer classified as requiring further support based on clinical definitions.


Effective virtual GP appointments:

  • Every patient who was surveyed and used the WeCare virtual GP service spoke to a doctor quickly enough that their condition didn’t deteriorate.
  • Further to this, more than half (54%) of members were able to receive care from the comfort of their own homes and required no further medical intervention. Of the other patients following a consultation with the virtual GP  24% were asked to attend follow-up consultations with GPs, 17% received specialist referrals, and 5% were directed to A&E or emergency department in their local NHS hospital.


Ian Ranger, head of claims and medical underwriting, Canada Life group insurance commented:

“It’s positive to see the impact that our WeCare services had last year, by reducing staff absences in the workplace and getting employees back into the workplace in a healthy and timely manner. However, as we recreate a new norm following the pandemic, we are now starting to see the legacy from the psychological impact on our nation.


“The data from WeCare highlights the continuous demand and necessity for mental health services and support, as well as virtual GP appointments. While it’s reassuring to see such a positive contribution that this service is having on individuals' lives, it’s also a stark reminder that mental health does not discriminate and can impact anyone.”




1  Source: Canada Life managed case data for WeCare support services 2022

WeCare is an extensive range of virtual services offering holistic help via medical, mental, legal and financial support. This includes health, mental health and wellbeing support, and includes virtual GP consultations, second medical opinion services, smoking cessation support, mental health support, life event counselling, burnout prevention, diet support and get fit programmes.


WeCare provides:

  • Clarity of journey; by bringing all services under one roof, it provides a clear and concise single contact point for employees and family members to access all services
  • Accessibility, through a variety of convenient access points (phone, email, web, app)
  • Quality of contact; from the outset a WeCare service user can access a variety of healthcare professionals.


WeCare was launched in November 2020 to CLASS customers, and extended to Canada Life Group Income Protection clients 01/03/2021. WeCare is a non-contractual benefit provided through Canada Life and can be altered or withdrawn at any time.


WeCare is delivered by Teladoc Health UK, a global leader in whole-person virtual healthcare.



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