Personal Nurse Service

Practical Help and Emotional Support

The diagnosis of a serious health condition can be a worrying time for a person and their family. The Personal Nurse Service is offered as part of our Group Critical Illness product to support employees at a difficult time, bridging the gap sometimes missed by NHS services.

The Personal Nurse Service provides long-term practical and emotional support over the phone with the same qualified nurse for employees who make a Critical Illness claim.

  • UK-based employees claiming under a Group Critical Illness policy
  • Immediate family* members of the claimant can access support

*Immediate family includes spouse, partner, parents, siblings or children under 21, in full time education, who live at the member’s normal address of residency.

The nurse will work with the employee for as long as they’re needed, providing: 

  • Long-term emotional support
  • Further explanation of the condition and what treatment options are available
  • Advice on how to cope with a change in lifestyle
  • Help in preparing for consultant appointments
  • A clear explanation of medical terms in simple, everyday language
  • Support for the families affected
  • Advice on making the best use of services such as the NHS, specialist charities and social services
  • Sign-posting to self-help groups – local and national charities
  • Face to face services can be arranged including therapies, counselling or organising medical equipment.

The Personal Nurse Service becomes available after a Group Critical Illness claim is submitted. Employees must tick the box on page seven of the personal statement. They’ll be contacted by their personal nurse within 48 hours.

Personal Nurse Service


Any questions? Contact our Customer Service Centre.

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