CanProtect Whole of Life Plan

Protecting your family’s wealth

The CanProtect Whole of Life plan is an offshore whole of life assurance policy designed to pay a lump sum when you die to cover a potential inheritance tax liability. You can use our plan if you are a UK resident or not, and if you are UK domiciled or not.

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If you need to cancel your policy due to rising costs, please get in touch with us as we might be able to help. However, we must let you know that if you cancel your policy, you’ll no longer have the benefit of the cover it provides. Additionally, it may be more expensive to arrange a replacement policy in the future if you should need it. So, please make sure that this is the right decision for you by speaking to your financial adviser.


Please note: The policy benefits and options available today for new business, as well as your circumstances, may have changed since you originally took out your policy. This means that we might not be able to offer you a new policy at a later date.

Is the CanProtect Whole of Life Plan right for you?

Experienced high net worth underwriting team
Covers a UK tax liability for UK and non- UK residents and UK and non-UK domiciles
100% of death claims paid in the last 6 years

Features and benefits

  • Available on a single or joint life basis regardless of your residency and domicile status

  • Choose your level of cover up to £40m – payable on the death of the last life assured

  • Use the lump sum to pay any UK inheritance tax liability when combined with a suitable trust

  • The pay-out isn’t dependent on investment markets and returns

  • We periodically review your premiums: usually after ten years, then every five years. (Your final review follows your 84th birthday, after which the cost is fixed for the rest of your life) 

  • Experienced and accessible underwriting and technical teams for your professional advisers

What are the risks?

  • Your inheritance tax liability may change and the sum assured may be insufficient to cover the entire amount.

  • The cost of the life assurance can increase on a premium review and your premiums may increase or your level of cover reduces.

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