Personalised mental wellbeing support

myStrength is your mental wellbeing app designed to help employees overcome life’s challenges. Employees can learn from hundreds of evidence-based activities at their own pace, from guided meditation to improving sleep, helping them to make simple everyday changes to improve their mental wellbeing.

Key features

  • Personalised support based on an employee’s situation and preferences
  • Hundreds of evidence-based activities, articles and videos covering a broad range of wellbeing issues
  • Support to help employees improve their mood, deal with anxious thoughts, handle stress, practice mindfulness and meditation, balance intense emotions, improve sleep, navigate early-years parenting and much more
  • Integrated chat support allowing employees to speak directly with a myStrength guide - a real person on hand to support with exercises and recommendations
  • Goal setting and mood tracking to help employees track progress

Who can access myStrength?

myStrength is available to all workplace protection policyholders at no additional cost. It can be used by all employees, whether insured or not, as well as their immediate family members.

Immediate family includes any spouse, civil partner, partner, parent, brother or sister living in the same household as the employee; any legal dependant under the age of 21 and in full-time education; or any other legal dependant who is dependent on the employee because of disability.

Users must be aged 16 or over to access myStrength.

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How do I get access?

1.  Download the ‘Teladoc myStrength’ app from the App Store or Google Play. Or visit

2. Create a new account and enter your company’s access code:
Your company’s access code is your Canada Life Policy Number. You can find this on your Policy Particulars or by asking your adviser. It should be a letter followed by a series of numbers.

3. Complete a short health questionnaire to personalise your experience and determine your focus areas

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Explore our all-new and improved wellbeing calendar. Full of support, resources and inspiration designed to help you develop your workplace wellbeing strategy.

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Also worth knowing

*myStrength is provided to Canada Life Limited customers by Teladoc Health. This service is non-contractual and does not form part of your insurance contract with us. If our partnership with Teladoc Health ends, the service can be withdrawn at any time.

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myStrength employer guide

myStrength employee guide

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