Group Life Insurance

Support for families when they need it most

Our life cover is an affordable workplace benefit. We’ll make a tax-free payment to an employee’s family if they die while working for you. It also provides emotional support to those grieving their loved one.

Is Group Life Insurance right for you?

A tax-deductible business expense
No medical underwriting in most cases
Employee’s family receives a tax-free payment

How it works

Features and benefits

  • Life insurance for two or more employees
  • Choice of cover options: fixed amounts or multiples of salary
  • Cover groups of employees for different benefits
  • Easy to set up with simple yearly accounts
  • Valued employee benefit that helps retain and attract employees
  • Bereavement counselling for employee’s family
  • Legal support to help employee with any probate issues
  • Policies are set up under a discretionary trust, with a master trust available for online policies

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