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Group Life Insurance

Support for families when they need it most

Our life cover is an affordable workplace benefit. We’ll make a tax-free payment to beneficiaries chosen by the trustees if an employee dies while working for you. It also provides emotional support to those grieving their loved one.

Make a claim

It’s quick and easy to make a life insurance claim.

Before you begin

If a dependent’s pension is included, make sure you have the following documents to hand and send them in with your completed claim form.

  • An original marriage certificate from the employee’s partner
  • An original birth certificate from the employee’s partner or any dependants

1. Fill out a claim form

Download, complete and return the claim form. If the employee is part of a Master Trust or Excepted Solution scheme, we’ll also need a completed family information form. Call us on 0345 223 8000 if you’re unsure.

Claim form

Family information form

You can send your claim form by email or post:

Canada Life Limited
Canada Life Place
Potters Bar

2. We’ll review your claim

Once we receive your claim, we’ll review it and keep you updated on our progress. We’ll get in touch if we need anything else.

3. Get a decision

We’ll aim to give you a decision within five working days. If we approve your claim, we’ll make a payment to the trust. If your employee is part of a master trust or excepted solution scheme, the trustees may contact the employee’s family directly for more information.

If we don’t approve the claim, we’ll tell you why and let you know how to appeal.

Get in touch

Call customer services

0345 223 8000

or send an email

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

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