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Trust solution tool

This tool concentrates on Inheritance Tax (IHT) mitigation and shows only some of the possible uses of Canada Life’s trusts.

This tool shows only some of Canada Life’s trusts and how they might be useful for Inheritance Tax (IHT) mitigation Selecting an appropriate trust, whether that be bespoke or a deed provided by a life company requires expert tax and financial advice to ensure it is suitable for your client’s requirements.

Clients may have needs other than minimising their IHT liability and each case should be assessed individually. Clients should consider making a will (or reviewing all existing wills) before additional estate planning is undertaken.

Choosing an Appropriate Trust Solution

In response to a series of questions about your client's specific circumstances, our tool can make a broad suggestion of a suitable solution from Canada Life’s wide range of trusts. However, it is up to the legal or financial professional to ensure that this trust is suitable for their client’s needs.

The trust outcomes related to Inheritance Tax planning are for UK domiciled and resident clients. For non UK domiciled clients please contact your Canada Life account manager to discuss the excluded property trust

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