The power of partnership

Financial wellbeing – and people’s ability to live their best lives – all starts with sound financial advice and products that meet their needs. Which is why we strive to work in partnership with you, providing comprehensive training resources, insights, and support when you need it.

Our mission

Our goal is to equip our adviser partners with top-notch technical knowledge, insights, training, and award-winning technical support. The good news is that ican academy provides this, along with CPD-qualifying content, all in one place.

With us, you can choose how you want to learn. Join our webinars live, or access all our training and support content on-demand, giving you flexibility to decide on when you complete it.

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Insights that matter

Our mission to provide industry-leading support to our adviser partners is built on three pillars.

The future of advice

Looking to the future of advice to help you stay ahead. Growing the advice industry’s understanding and the full potential for its future.

Behavioural insight

Providing insight on the human psyche, enabling advisers to build strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Financial wellbeing

Working together to increase financial wellbeing. Supporting initiatives that encourage consumers to engage with their financial futures.

Redefining wealth

What is wealth? Is it simply money? Perceptions have changed, and our research shows that people are revaluating what’s important in life.

‘Wealth’ now means diverse things to diverse people, with many believing there’s a balance to be had. Money is a means to an end – comfort, independence, and the freedom to choose amongst alternatives.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a range of support to ensure you can have conversations with your clients that empower them to take control of their financial planning by focusing on the long term.

What's new?

The importance of order when gifting to trusts

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Have more meaningful conversations with your clients

With HumanSense, CPD training for advisers in behavioural psychology.

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Stay one step ahead

Read AKG’s report “The Future of Advice, a State of Flux”, for the latest consumer and adviser insights on the future of advice.


Recognising the role of behavioural science

Access the first article in our Connecting with your clients series.

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Supporting you and your clients

We're here to help you meet your clients' needs and grow your business. Hopefully, you'll find the support you need below, but if you don't, please visit our contact centre.

Product specific support

Contact details and common questions for each of our products of policies.

Adviser support

Spot financial scams

With financial crime increasing, we’ve put together guidance on how to identify common scams

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Apply for Terms of Business

Our Terms of Business set out principles of how our businesses work together.

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Need help with anything else?

If you have any technical queries, our ican team are happy to help. For more information, you can also access our document library and online portals.