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Estate planning

Keeping your wealth in the right hands

Estate planning is about putting your affairs in order, to help make the lives of your loved ones easier. It can help to protect your estate for your beneficiaries and reduce the impact of inheritance tax.

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Guide to estate planning

Powered by Intelligent Partnership this new CPD qualifying guide has been updated with the latest developments that impact estate planning, as well as the rules and regulations that apply.

Guide to inheritance tax

Inheritance tax may need to be paid on the estate of someone who has died. An estate includes all of their property, possessions and money, as well as any gifts made within seven years of their death. Read our guide to inheritance tax to learn more.

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Guide to trusts

A trust is a legal way of arranging some of your assets for the benefit of others, without giving them full control. Learn about how our trusts can help you to manage your wealth.

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Trusts we offer

Gift Trust

Pass on your money in a tax-efficient way

  • Gift is free from inheritance tax after seven years
  • You can gift your money outright
  • Any investment growth is free from inheritance tax
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Gift and Loan Trust

Inheritance tax planning with access to your loan

  • Take regular or ad-hoc loan payments
  • Investment growth is free from inheritance tax
  • Option to choose who receives the money
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Wealth Preservation Trust

Gift your money with access to yearly payments

  • Option to take yearly payments if needed
  • Investment growth is free from inheritance tax
  • Gift is free from inheritance tax after seven years
  • Beneficiaries can get payments while you’re alive
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Excluded Property Trust

Shelter your overseas assets from inheritance tax

  • Shelter your overseas assets from inheritance tax
  • Get access to your investment at any time
  • No inheritance tax to pay on the assets in the trust
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Probate Trust

For quicker payment of death benefits

  • No need to wait for probate
  • Access your investment when you need
  • Quicker payment of the death benefit
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Controlled Access Trust

Passing on your wealth to a child

  • Decide the age the beneficiary can access the money
  • Use the investment for the beneficiary before they’re 18
  • Gift is free from inheritance tax after seven years
  • Gift over £325,000 without an immediate tax charge
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The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules depend on the type of investment and individual circumstances and may change.

Inheritance Tax explained

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Wealth Preservation Account

Our award-winning Wealth Preservation Account is now available with the option of a professional trustee service.

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