How to apply?

How to apply for home finance

Find out how to apply for home finance with us. Your financial adviser will be able to help find the best option for you. They’ll also explain the risks and submit your application when you’re ready.

How to apply

1. Research

Before you release equity from your property, it’s really important to research your options and make sure it’s the right choice for you.

2. Talk to your family

As releasing equity can affect your family and their inheritance, we recommend discussing it with them before making a decision. You can learn more about equity release with our guide.

3. Talk to your financial adviser

You’ll need to speak with your financial adviser as we only offer our home finance products through qualified professionals. Your adviser will discuss your options and help you decide if our products are right for you. They’ll also provide you with a summary of the important details and all the costs involved. This document is called a Key Facts Illustration (KFI) or personalised illustration.

4. Complete an application form

You’ll need to complete an application form, which your financial adviser can help you with. They’ll also be responsible for sending it back to us. You’ll need to include your solicitor’s details.

5. Have your property valued

Your property will need to be valued. We’ll arrange an independent valuation for you and they’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit your property.

6. Appoint your solicitor

It’s important to discuss the implications of equity release with your solicitor before continuing. If you don’t have a solicitor, you can contact the Equity Release Solicitors’ Alliance at

7. The offer letter

After your property has been valued, we’ll make you an offer and confirm how much you can borrow. We’ll send an offer letter to you, your solicitor and your financial adviser.

8. Legal process

After your solicitor has received a copy of our letter, they’ll talk you through the offer. Once you’re happy and ready to proceed, you’ll be asked to sign a Mortgage Deed. Your solicitor will also sign a certificate to confirm that the essential features and implications have been clearly explained to you and that you are aware of them.

9. Cash released

After we’ve received the correct documents and carried out the necessary checks, we’ll release the cash to your solicitor. They’ll then arrange for the funds to be transferred to you. 

How much will it cost?

You may need to pay some extra charges. You can find out the charges for each product on our website. You can also ask your financial adviser for details of our charges or download our guide.

Example charges

Valuation fee Covers the cost of valuing your property
Completion fee Paid on completion of your mortgage
Solicitor fees You should agree these with your solicitor of your choice
Adviser fees Your financial adviser may charge you an advice fee
Early repayment charge You might need to pay an early repayment charge if you repay your mortgage earlier than expected

Next steps

Find an adviser

Get a tailored quote for this product from a financial adviser. To find one, visit the Equity Release Council.

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