Risk Profiling


Risk profiling is a well-established process used by financial planning firms to help identify their clients’ attitude to risk and capacity for loss (or how much risk they can afford to take).

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guide to assessing suitability states that firms should ensure they:

  • Have a robust process for assessing the risk a customer is willing and able to take
  • Engage customers in a suitability assessment process (including risk profiling) which acts in the best interests of those customers.
  • Have a robust and flexible process for ensuring investment selections are suitable given a customer’s investment objectives and financial situation (including the risk they are willing and able to take) as well as their knowledge and experience.

To assist advisers with this process we offer our Portfolio Fund range comprising five globally diversified, multi asset, funds of funds aligned to risk profiles 3 to 7 in Dynamic Planner (they are rebalanced daily) in order to meet the long-term needs of the majority of investors and provide ongoing suitability.


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