Dr Simon Moore (BSc, PhD, CPsychol)

Behavioural Psychologist, The Innovation Bubble

Simon is a Chartered Psychologist and managing partner with the award-winning psychological insight and behaviour intervention consultancy, We are IB. (www.weareib.co).

Simon specialises in bringing the latest psychological knowledge about consumers' emotions, decisions and needs into a room. Making clients consider how they might utilise it in relation to the psychology of decision making and behaviour change (trust, persuasion, well-being, purchase decisions, health choices, loyalty, etc) to improve experiences for themselves and others. He has advised and worked with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Fedex, Pfizer, The BBC, and Coke Cola. He has particular experience in helping global players in the Financial Services sector to formulate their strategy and planning in regards to brand relevance and engagement as well as customer understanding.

Innovationbubble has created a number of award-winning cutting-edge tools that help organisations and brands understand their customers and audiences from a non-conscious perspective, which have significantly improved conversion, retention and loyalty rates.