Long-term revealed

Explore the insights that we’ve found through our Long-term Close Up research and the behavioural drivers that sit behind the way your clients act when it comes to long-term thinking, planning and decision making.

What is long-term thinking?

Learn more about the background of our research and the psychologist we’ve partnered with

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Uncovering your client’s long-term thinking

Read more about the research and the key insights


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Complete the CPD training

Uncover the hidden motivations of your clients in this fascinating CPD training with Dr Simon Moore


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The industry perspective

Hear from the industry experts who discuss why goals, milestones and finances are closely connected, how they work together and how advisers can make a difference.

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Goal setting for long-term dreams

Explore your client's hidden motivations and barriers to long-term thinking to help build better engagement and stretch your client’s thinking around longer-term goals.

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Long-term Close Up expert podcast series

Hear from experts as they explore our long-term thinking insights and delve deeper into the psychology that sits behind this and what it means for advisers.

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