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Award-winning dental app coming soon

We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday 18 April, we’re giving customers more reasons to smile with Toothfairy™ - the UK’s first health-regulated, smart dental app.

Founded and run by real dentists in the UK, Toothfairy instantly connects employees with UK dentists for advice, guidance and prescriptions, all from the comfort of home. At a time when many are struggling to access dental care, Toothfairy aims to fill the gap, connecting patients to dentists in minutes through their award-winning technology.

Why Toothfairy?

  • Toothfairy connects employees with real UK dentists - a highly valuable benefit with UK dentists at a 10-year low and 22% unable to see an NHS dentist[1]
  • 1.2 million working days are lost to dental problems each year[2] – Toothfairy can prevent the need to visit a dentist in person with 7 in 10 patient queries resolved through the app alone[3]
  • Dental problems can have a negative effect on our overall wellbeing[4] – Toothfairy provides instant access as many are struggling to see NHS dentists
  • Toothfairy can complement any dental plans in place, providing advice and guidance on treatment plans or issues
  • The service has been validated in the NHS and is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – 91% of users would use the app again to access dental care[5]

What’s included?

The following services will be included free for all users:

Dentist chat helpline 

  • Unlimited access to real UK dentists for instant advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. Prescriptions can be issued in 24 hours if needed.*

Signposting and clinic referrals 

  • If the dentist thinks physical intervention is needed, they’ll identify the issue, signpost support and help employees find an appointment.**

Videos and articles 

  • Educational videos and articles to help employees improve their oral health and prevent issues in future.

Toothfairy also comes with additional services such as video consultations and discounted cosmetic treatments, available to users at an extra cost. More information about these services will be available soon.

We’re delighted to announce this service will be available to all new and existing workplace protection policyholders at no extra cost. Our aim is to support our customers and their people with relevant support services that can make a genuine difference in peoples’ daily lives. Toothfairy follows the recent arrival of myStrength, helping to provide a comprehensive level of additional support to all customers, no matter what policy they have.

We’ll share full details soon including how to access the service, so keep an eye out for updates. If you want to learn more about Toothfairy and how we can help, request a call back from our team.


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* The cost for the prescription needs to be paid by the user when collecting from a dispenser.

** The cost of the appointment will need to be met by the user. 

Additional services such as Toothfairy™ are provided through Canada Life as non-contractual benefits and can be altered or withdrawn at any time. 

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