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BusinessCare now available on CLASS

Business and legal support at the fingertips of thousands more employers as BusinessCare extends to all CLASS policies

  • At least 4,500 more employers will have immediate access to the service
  • On average, businesses need legal help up to eight times a year
  • BusinessCare can save SMEs hundreds, if not thousands of pounds each year

From 22 January 2018, we've made BusinessCare, the business and legal support service, available to all CLASS policyholders.  This will give over 4,500 employers access to 24/7 advice from qualified lawyers, online legal document creation and jargon-free guides about business law.

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will not have in-house legal teams, or the budget to keep a law firm on retainer. BusinessCare extends a valuable legal lifeline to these organisations, which do not need to pay any more than their policy premium to gain unlimited access to the service. On average, businesses require legal help up to eight times a year, and the costs for such services can be significant:

Health and Safety Review


Employee Handbook


Terms & Conditions for website


Employment Contract


One hour solicitor fee


Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices


Dan Crook, Sales Director at Canada Life Group Insurance, comments:

“At Canada Life we believe in providing genuine value for money to our customers. We have seen the value BusinessCare can add to employers since its addition to our Group Income Protection product in 2006. The service is a natural fit for smaller businesses which may otherwise struggle to access top-quality legal expertise. CLASS is the ideal vehicle to reach that group and we are happy to extend access to everyone using the platform, regardless of the product they buy.

“Small business owners face a huge burden to comply with employment law, for their own protection and that of their employees. BusinessCare, delivered through a CLASS policy, can help them stay on top of these requirements day in, day out. We are excited to extend this valuable tool to thousands more businesses across the UK.”

Hillel Horwitz, CEO at Epoq, comments:

“Epoq Legal is delighted to be working with Canada Life to bring BusinessCare to all CLASS policyholders. As pressure grows within the industry to give policyholders greater value, BusinessCare provides Canada Life’s SME group protection customers with a wide range of essential legal services which they can use from day one of their policy.

“Working with Canada Life means Epoq Legal is now able to help a new range of small businesses deal with many of the legal issues they face – most commonly employment related, but also with areas such as terms and conditions and debt recovery.”

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To find out more about BusinessCare, please visit our website.