Canada Life launches new lifestyle product range

  • Launches ‘Lifestyle Select Options’ range with new overpayment feature
  • Rates have also been reduced by 0.04% across Lifestyle Select Lite and Lifestyle Select Gold

Canada Life is today announcing a new product range, Lifestyle Select Options. These new options will allow repayment contributions of up to 10% of the initial loan amount each year, with any contributions being exempt from early repayment charges. The product enhancement will also see rate reductions of up to 0.04%, effective immediately.

The Lifestyle Select product range allows customers the freedom to unlock tax-free cash from their home with the option to let interest roll-up or to make overpayments. Customers will also have the flexibility to hold funds in a cash reserve facility.

The product range has also seen reductions of 0.04 bps. The rates on the Lifestyle Select product options are now as follows:


New rate (MER)

Previous rate (MER)


Lifestyle Select Lite




Lifestyle Select Gold




Lifestyle Select Gold Plus




Alice Watson, head of marketing, Insurance, Canada Life, said: “Our award-winning range of home finance products has today become more flexible and attractive with the launch of Lifestyle Select Options. By giving customers the choice of whether or not to make repayments we can ensure our products meet their needs while providing valuable peace of mind.

“As with all our lifetime mortgages, this product range allows people to continue living in their homes, while releasing the money tied up in their property. The potential unlocked capital can help retirement plans, pay for home improvements or even help fund lifestyles.”

All Canada Life lifetime mortgage products come with optional inheritance guarantee protection and have a no negative equity guarantee.



Lifestyle Select Options product features


  • One-off tax-free payment with optional cash reserve facility
  • Choice to repay up to 10% each year
  • Free valuations with no cap
  • 8 year fixed early repayment charges
  • Optional inheritance guarantee