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Canada Life makes ‘WeCare’ a permanent service to all CLASS clients

  • WeCare delivers a range of health and wellbeing services to all CLASS clients, their employees and family members
  • Usage data shows virtual GP appointments were the most popular service accounting for 47% of requests. One in five users selected a get fit programme and 13% sought mental health support


Following fantastic adviser and user feedback, Canada Life has today made ‘WeCare’ a permanent support service available to all new and existing customers on CLASS, Canada Life’s online group insurance platform. The services can be used by both employees and their family members, whether they are insured under a policy or not.

The extensive range of virtual services offers health, mental health and wellbeing support, and includes virtual GP consultations, second medical opinion services, smoking cessation support, mental health support, life event counselling, burnout prevention, diet support and get fit programmes.

Tim Stoves, managing director, protection, Canada Life commented: “We pride ourselves on being able to adapt quickly to the emerging needs of our customers and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to make WeCare a permanent part of our service following such positive feedback from users and advisers. We knew that people would need to access health and wellbeing services differently during the coronavirus lockdown and it’s clear that as behaviours have adapted so the need for virtual services will continue as we enter in to a second national lockdown

“By looking at our data we can see the popularity of virtual GP appointment requests which reinforces the significant shift in the way people access health and well-being services in such a short space of time. This is supported by the popularity of other services available on WeCare including get fit programmes and mental health support, which evidences the need to provide holistic and comprehensive support, in an accessible way.’

Recent WeCare usage data* shows virtual GP appointments are the most popular service accounting for 47% of requests, followed by 20% of users selecting a get fit programme and 13% seeking mental health support.  Almost two-thirds of users were able to seek assurance from the WeCare GP, resulting in them not needing to visit their own GP and therefore enabling them to stay in the safety of their home.

Provided in partnership with virtual care provider Teladoc Health, Canada Life developed WeCare to offer additional support to SMEs at no extra cost to either the employer or their employees.


*WeCare data based on usage between 28.04.2020 and 16.08.2020.