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Canada Life named largest provider of Group Risk benefits in the UK

“We are delighted to be confirmed as the largest provider of Group Risk benefits in the UK once again. Our market-leading premium share is underpinned by the fact that we cover more employer schemes and employees than any other insurer. Our value and service offering has triumphed thanks to a clear understanding by advisers and our employer customers of the importance of each. Provider choices have to be carefully considered in this emotive and sometimes complex area and we welcome the recognition of the unique,  extensive level of support that we give to employees in their times of most need.


CLASS (Canada Life Automated Self-Service) continues to help advisers grow their SME portfolios and is clearly the platform of choice, currently servicing over 12% of all Group Risk schemes in the UK. The breadth and depth of our Group Income Protection proposition continues to be valued, and our unparalleled level of support available has enabled us to retain business despite differences in pricing philosophy. Our positive results in Group Critical Illness owe credit to our recognised and  increasing expertise in flexible and online benefits, coupled with our market-leading service and technical excellence. Across all of our product areas we have seen a strong set of results and the credit for this goes to our Bristol Team that continues to look for new ways to delight our advisers, customers and their employees.”

Tim Stoves - Managing Director, Canada Life Group Insurance