Canada Life provides mortgage customers with dedicated customer hub

Canada Life has created a dedicated customer hub on its website. The customer hub provides existing mortgage customers with resources they need to help inform their decision making once their mortgage has completed.

On the customer hub, there are resources available to provide additional information on typical activities which occur after the mortgage has completed, such as applying for additional borrowing or making capital and interest payments. Importantly, the hub also contains in-depth information about what needs to be considered when customers wish to move home and take their mortgage with them. A bespoke brochure has been designed to explain this process in a simple, jargon-free way.

Alice Watson, head of marketing and communications at Canada Life Home Finance, said:

“Canada Life is committed to meeting the needs of our home finance customers, and the provision of our customer hub illustrates this. Our lifetime mortgages are designed for exactly that – a lifetime – and we know that circumstances can change. Our customers need access to resources to assist them when they want to make use of the product features their mortgage provides.

“For example, if our customers decide they need additional funds to help their children onto the property ladder, extra money for home improvements or decide to move to a new house then they can find more information about the options available to them on the customer hub.

“The creation of the customer hub has been driven by an increase in customer demand for product features which can adapt to meet future needs. There’s no longer a typical retirement, and our customers want to find out how their mortgage can be tailored to their circumstances at the time. The customer hub is part of our ongoing commitment to support our customers and advisers.”

View the customer hub