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Canada Life sponsors 2018 Midnight Walk; our employees raise funds and awareness


Canada Life Group Insurance is proud to sponsor the Midnight Walk again this year – Saturday 7 July – and help make a difference for St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol. We’re equally pleased that our employees are in step with giving back to the cause by signing up to walkvolunteer or donate.

One of those employees is Holly Checketts, Creative Designer at Canada Life Bristol. She’s showing her support with both her design skills (promoting St Peter’s Hospice to the company), and her on-going personal efforts.

“Cancer runs in my family and my Nan passed away from it eight years ago,” shares Holly. “She had a lot of support from St Peter’s Hospice in her last days, so for me that was when I started thinking that I really wanted to start giving back.”

A friend’s family was also supported by St Peter’s Hospice. Together, Holly and that friend were motivated to sign up for the Midnight Walk.

“Five years ago, my friend and I really had a reason to do the walk and we brought all of our friends along. We had a big group going and we’ve done it every year since. Every year is absolutely amazing and it just keeps getting bigger and better.”

Holly adds that the Midnight Walk is a great occasion to have a fab girls’ night without drinking or clubbing: “It’s just really good fun. You’re just walking, getting some exercise, and having a good laugh. I enjoy doing it every year and think I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life.”

Learn more about the 2018 Midnight Walk here.

Canada Life employees give back to St Peter’s Hospice.

[Photo above, L-R] Canada Life Group Insurance’s Ian Ranger, Head of Operations, Claims Management Services; Tim Stoves, Managing Director, Martyn Hunn, Product and Proposition have signed on to volunteer as course marshals.

[Photo below, R-L] Canada Life Group Insurance employees Charlie CarterHolly Checketts, and Heather Macalister have been raised funds and awareness through their Coin for a Cake event.

(Continued, R-L, after Heather Macalister) Canada Life Group Insurance employees Ian FumpsonAndrew KinscottJonathan EssexHolly Palmer, and Martyn Hunn, have signed on to volunteer as course marshals. Allison Langridge is participating in the walk.