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Canada Life UK targets increase in senior women in management

Canada Life UK has set a 2020 target of having women in 30% of its senior management positions, the company announced today as part of its support for HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. 
Canada Life UK has a further target of filling 35% of senior management roles with women by 2023. 

Doug Brown, CEO of Canada Life UK, is the senior executive responsible and accountable for gender equality and inclusion across the UK business.

Doug Brown said:

“We believe enhancing diversity and inclusiveness will make us stronger and deliver superior results. Diverse teams are more innovative, and provide better problem solving and solutions for customers.”

Canada Life has made good progress furthering gender equality and inclusivity in the past year. It has created a Women in Leadership group to support and promote existing and aspiring female leaders within the UK business, run focused development workshops for its pipeline of female talent and made enhancements to the maternity pay package.

Forthcoming initiatives include the introduction of unconscious bias training across the organisation and a mentoring scheme for female leaders.

Further information can be found on our Women in Finance Charter page.