Early Intervention: All you need to know.

Managing absence and helping staff stay in-work can be a real challenge, no matter what size a business is. Thankfully, our early intervention service is designed to help employers do exactly that.


Available to all Group Income Protection customers at no additional cost, our early intervention service offers expert support from day-one of an employee's absence. But it's not just employees who benefit.


So why should every employer be taking advantage of early intervention?

Join Donna Wray, Canada Life's Senior Early Intervention Nurse, to find out:


  • The stats behind the service - Why should employers be taking advantage from day-one?
  • Where to start - How do employers use it? Who do they call and what happens next? Get a step-by-step journey of how it works.
  • Early intervention or occupational health - Both have an important role to play, but what's the difference?


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