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Garry’s story - Personal Nurse Service

Garry’s mouth cancer went undetected for some time until December 2017.  When it took hold, it rapidly became an aggressive form of cancer.

Chemotherapy and other conventional treatments weren’t considered to be the best way of treating it. Instead, he had an operation to remove the cancer followed by grafts to reconstruct his mouth.

Garry’s partner had a Critical Illness policy covering both of them. In addition to the financial payment, they received the support of our Personal Nurse Service, provided in partnership with RedArc.

His job as a paramedic helped Garry understand the procedures his surgeons explained to him, but he still found the follow up calls with Jane, his Personal Nurse Adviser, very useful.

Coming to terms with a condition which came on so suddenly was physically and mentally draining,” says Garry. “Jane was reassuring, plugging the gaps that I hadn’t remembered from the surgeon and providing a sympathetic ear from a medical background”.

Garry expects to be off work for a year as he recovers from his operation. He’s spoken to his Personal Nurse Adviser on several occasions and is reassured that she is there at the end of the line whenever he needs her support. He can not praise her service highly enough.